CISO’s Guide to Third-Party Security Management

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Managing your third-party vendors’ security is crucial, but security assessments are riddled with problems.
Lengthy security questionnaires listing irrelevant questions are a waste of your vendors’ time and yours. The third-party risk management process is slow and laborious, especially when you have tens or hundreds of vendors. And questionnaires simply reflect a moment in time and can be outdated almost immediately. How can you build a process that is effective, efficient and scalable?

Get our new guide, which explains how to identify cyber risks in your third-party vendor relationships, gain greater visibility into information security risk and easily remediate it so you can better manage your third-party security. We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Gain an accurate picture of third-party cybersecurity risk based on the impact on your business
  • Onboard suppliers and service providers quickly and ensure they align with your security policies
  • Enable quick communication with vendors to easily remediate risk in your third-party relationships

Download this guide and start building your comprehensive, third-party security risk program today!

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